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2. Prophylactic Noscapine Abstract - March 19, 2010
3. Noscapine Bromide effect on hormone refractory disease in an animal model
4. Prophylactic Noscapine- Press release - March 19, 2010
5. Cougar Biotechnology-Product Pipeline
6. Cougar Biotechnology-Noscapine analogs
7. Information about Noscapine-Phase i/ii multiple myeloma
8. CLICK HERE to sign up for your own 'Medical Smart Chart' - medical history graph and share your Noscapine experience.
9. Review PC-REF's Noscapine Research
10. Noscapine - A safe cough suppressant with newly discovered effects in treating cancer and stroke  Articles by Harish Joshi to be posted here soon.
11. Read about 'Off label use of Medications' on Noscapine.
12. Some of the sources for obtaining Noscapine.
13. Make a Donation to PC-REF's Seed Money Grant Program for new research.

Disclaimer: There are no clinical studies going on with noscapine derivatives and prostate cancer. We hope that Cougar will start clinical studies for prostate cancer patients.

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